About Us

What is EDSNA?

The Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta (EDSNA) is a non-profit organization and a registered charity dedicated to providing meaningful support to those affected– directly and indirectly– by eating disorders.  Our grassroots organization was founded by Moyra McAllister, whose daughter developed an eating disorder. Moyra’s personal experience inspired a desire to support others. 

Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta provides information, guidance, a provincial voice, a community hub and most of all, support. We offer professionally-facilitated support groups in Edmonton, Calgary and online. Thanks to ongoing funding from Alberta Health, Addictions and Mental Health Branch, we are able to offer these groups at a very low cost to the participants and can even waive fees if people are experiencing financial difficulty.

EDSNA promotes awareness about eating disorders by hosting Eating Disorders Awareness Week February 1-7,  giving presentations to various groups throughout the year, and strengthening relationships between community partners and treatment professionals to create a more effective voice for eating disorders.​

No one in Alberta will face an eating disorder alone.

EDSNA is a charitable organization providing support to individuals dealing with eating disorders* in the province of Alberta.
EDSNA raises awareness about eating disorders in the province of Alberta.

*individuals dealing with eating disorders includes people directly affected and those indirectly affected such as family members, educators, healthcare professionals, and others in the life of a person with an eating disorder

We are client centered, professionally-facilitated, with programs tailored to client needs and respectful of individual diversity. There is not one cause for eating disorders, therefore there is not one solution that will be right for everyone. EDSNA is a support network – not a treatment organization.

We serve individuals dealing directly with an eating disorder, family and loved ones of those dealing directly with an eating disorder, professionals working in the field of eating disorders, and the general public.

Our facilitators are all health professionals with a background in eating disorders. They are registered psychologists, registered dieticians, psychiatric nurses, registered social workers and occupational therapists. We hire people who have the skills to guide groups effectively, answer questions knowledgeably and empower people to take ownership of their own journey to recovery. We select professionals who are aligned with our philosophy that everyone in the family is impacted by eating disorders, who are non-judgmental and can provide a safe space for everyone to participate. You can learn more about our team here.

Moyra McAllister, Founder and Past President

Moyra practiced as a physical therapist and a clinic director for nearly 30 years. She currently works as the Complaints Director for Physiotherapy Alberta. Finding solutions to problems is what Moyra has always done. When her daughter became ill with an eating disorder, she discovered that finding support, treatment options and guidance for her daughter and herself was very difficult. There was so much information and yet no concrete solutions or help. As she began to talk to other families who were affected by eating disorders she found that her family’s story was not unique – the feelings of isolation, panic, fear and desperation were nearly identical between families. She decided to create a solution for this problem. EDSNA, the Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta is the result.

Sarah Johnson,
Director, Programming and Outreach Services

Sarah is a senior undergraduate kinesiology student at the University of Alberta. As a qualitative researcher, she is currently investigating ways to improve education and increase awareness of eating disorders within the fitness professional community of Alberta.

As Co-Director of EDSNA, Sarah takes care of the day-to-day tasks and assists with the planning of different support programs and advocacy events. Volunteering for EDSNA since 2014, Sarah has become very familiar with the vision and mission of EDSNA, and has previously helped to plan, coordinate, and execute numerous workshops on behalf of the organization. She has also made media appearances with EDSNA, proudly speaking out as as an eating disorder recovery warrior herself.
Sarah is excited to be employed by an organization she holds so close to her heart, as she believes EDSNA has given her more than she will ever be able to give back.  To contact Sarah, email: Sarah@EDSNA.ca.

Lauren Berlinguette
Director, Public Awareness and Client Services

As one of the current Volunteer Coordinators for EDSNA, in addition to her administrative work, Lauren has had the opportunity to really become involved with the organization since she began volunteering Fall 2017. Having had her own personal experiences with eating disorders, she recognizes the importance of the work EDSNA is doing, and is excited to be involved in a greater capacity.

Lauren is also a MacEwan University graduate, having completed her undergraduate degree with a major in Psychology and a focus on Eating Disorders. Increasing awareness of Eating Disorders in diverse populations, especially late onset disorders and those affecting the LGBTQ2SIA+ community, is something she is passionate about, and hopes to delve further into in the future.

Lauren also loves cooking, gardening, working out & yoga, and exploring the world. To contact Lauren, email: Lauren@EDSNA.ca

David Wedge, President

David is a partner with the law firm of Parlee McLaws, a sessional instructor with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Law, the father of beautiful new baby girl and a dangerously precocious 8-year old son, and the husband of the strongest woman he has ever met.  Because his wife has undergone treatment for her eating disorder almost the entire time they have been together and he has had to explain to his son on multiple occasions why Mom needs to go into the hospital again, David wants to do everything in his power to tackle the silence and neglect that surrounds eating disorders in our society. 

Jayson Lavergne, Vice-President

Jayson is a human resources professional with the Department of National Defence.  From a Calgary maternity ward in 1970s until today, he has lived, learned, travelled and worked in the four corners of Alberta – from Zama to Fitzgerald in Wood Buffalo National Park; from Carway border crossing to One Four & the Big Stone Cree Nation right in the heart of our province.   A life long learner, he is currently tackling French, Indigenous studies, and expanding his coaching skills.  Jayson and his spouse are the proud parents of a emerging musical theatre star and a scrappy right winger.  Suicide has left a hole in his life so he hopes, through EDSNA, to keep Albertans with eating disorders alive through compassion and wisdom so that they can enjoy life’s milestones and feel loved even through the struggles.

Anna Wu, Treasurer

Anna obtained her CPA, CA in 2015 and is currently working in the Finance department at Covenant Health. Her goal has always been to work and volunteer for not-for-profits in order to make a difference in the community. Anna understands that mental health is so important and everyone deserves a support system to lean on. As such, she strongly believes in the mission and vision that EDSNA stands for. By being on the Board, she is hoping to utilize her skills to benefit EDSNA and the communities it supports.  During her spare time, Anna enjoys exploring the city by bike and knitting baby sweaters for her two young nieces.

Christy Seville

Christy is Marketing & Communications professional with a passion for helping businesses succeed through strategic communication. Her professional life has given her the opportunity to support a variety of industries and people including non-profit, technology, fashion and healthcare. With a personal connection to the cause, she is motivated to raise awareness and support for people affected by eating disorders to ensure that no one has to face an eating disorder alone.

Aisha Penddah (incoming board member)

Bente Hallin

Bente Hallin is the Chief Executive Officer at Accurate Network Services Inc., a technology services and support company with offices in Edmonton and Calgary. Before joining Accurate in 2017, she worked as a business consultant helping organizations develop and implement their strategic plans. She received an MBA from the University of Alberta in 2014, and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English literature in 2007. Bente knows first hand how important it is to support loved ones who are facing an eating disorder, and she is eager to raise the awareness of the resources and support networks available to Albertans. In her spare time, Bente enjoys home renovation projects supported by Youtube DIY videos, and hanging out with her Boston terrier, Lady McDuff.

Jesse Syzmanski (incoming board member)