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Self compassion yoga and reflective journaling- a toolkit and invitation to be guided towards self kindness, self-compassion, and grounding.

About this event

Why Yoga?

The easiest definition of yoga is union. Union with ourselves through our mind, body, energy, emotions, wisdom, and spirit. So often eating disorders keep us stuck in the mind. The practice of yoga invites you to move inside the different parts of our being and shift our energy.

Yoga is a process of reconnection and awareness. When we become more aware in our lives, we have more choice and freedom. The practice invites gentle curiosity to explore our choices and freedoms to build confidence in trusting ourselves and learning to create new boundaries to take care of ourselves. With this trust, we connect to new or renewed sense of “Self”.

Self compassion yoga is a toolkit and invitation to be guided towards self kindness, mindful presence, and community. The class will include gentle movements and a small group reflection to process your practice.


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who want to try yoga for their eating disorder recovery. The participant has to be engaged with the process in order to benefit. Family members or supports are welcome to join. The class is a space to move and listen through guided practice around self compassion.

This class is open to anyone in Canada.


The workshop includes:

• Yoga tools for self compassion

• Exploration into self soothing & grounding practices

• Practices of non-judgemental observation

• Foster inner and outer body awareness experiences

• Space for small group reflection and check-in

• Guidance for continued practice at home

Your camera may be turned off during the yoga practice but you are invited you to participate on screen during the group introduction and reflection.



This workshop is not a substitute for therapy. The workshop invites a safe space for you to experience your body through a guided yoga practice. Yoga interventions are most effective when combined with therapy, and should not replace traditional treatment and support.

Session Information


October 19, 2021


8:00pm – 9:30pm (20:00-21:30 MST)


Online, via Zoom*




Rachel Tu (Yoga Teacher; Registered Dietitian; Intuitive Eating Counselor)

Additional Information

*A computer/laptop/tablet and internet access are required to participate. Please be sure to review your confirmation email carefully, and the information to download and use “Zoom”, as well as the “Guidelines for Groups” document will be in the email. The link to access the sessions will be sent closer to the start date of the group. You will also receive a workbook prior to the workshop that we ask you to print.

** EDSNA does not want finances to be a barrier to seeking support. Email if you are experiencing financial difficulties but wish to join this session– we may be able to assist with program fees.

About Your Facilitator

Rachel Tu is a yoga teacher and registered dietitian. She teaches from a trauma informed lens and specializes in eating disorders, food & body image work and intuitive eating for her nutrition counseling. She incorporates mindfulness and body movement approaches to reconnect people to a healthy sense of wellbeing. You can learn more about Rachel on Instagram (@foodflowthought) or