This time of year, a lot of us are facing transitions. Some are moving back into the tightly-controlled routines of school, teams, and hectic timetables. Some have used up all their vacation days and are facing a long stretch of work. Others are noting the signs that summer is coming to an end and looking ahead to winter with a sense of dread. Or, if you are like me and my husband, you are facing an empty nest for the first time.

In the move from WHAT WAS to WHAT IS can be uncomfortable and challenging. Letting go of old routines can provoke irritation, longing, or even a sense of grief. Looking back with regret and self-blame, we might wonder, “Did I enjoy it enough while it was here or did I squander it?”

During this scratchy, awkward transition phase, it’s probably a good idea to make room for things that can ease the discomfort- a walk, writing in a journal, colouring, taking up a new hobby, connecting with a friend, giving yourself a special treat, humming a little song to ourselves as we go through our day, breathing in and out deeply, learning a new skill, taking a bath, taking a nap or signing up for a support group.

Whatever transition you are facing, I hope you can be gentle with yourself as you find your way through to the new normal.

  • Sue Huff, Executive Director, EDSNA