Become a Board Member

EDSNA is currently seeking passionate and committed people to join the EDSNA Board of Directors.

EDSNA is a registered nonprofit charity supporting Albertans impacted directly and indirectly by eating disorders. The organization provides information, education, wayfinding, a community voice, and support. We are grateful for ongoing funding that supports our awareness and outreach initiatives. For more info about EDSNA, visit:

Our Vision
No one in Alberta will face an eating disorder alone.

Our Mission
To support and educate Albertans impacted
by eating disorders.

About the Role

  • Attend all board meetings within reasonable consideration.
  • Review agenda and supporting material prior to board and committee meetings; raise any questions or issues that arise from the agenda.
  • Participate in organizational initiatives in keeping with areas of personal interest, skill and organizational need.
  • General governance responsibilities include finance, legal, compliance, and/or public relations
  • The ideal Board term is two years; no maximum term has been established.

Our Board

  • Volunteer board, currently has four members.
  • Meetings minimum once per month, approximately two hours in length, with occasional electronic motions should matters require decisions between meetings.
  • Attendance at Board meetings is accomplished virtually.
  • Total time commitment is anticipated to be approximately 2-4 hours per month.

Send us your resume and a cover letter explaining:

  1. Why you are interested in serving on the EDSNA Board.
  2. Information regarding any past Board experience.
  3. Skills and abilities you believe would support fulfillment of EDSNA’s Vision and Mission.
    All skillsets are encouraged to apply – of particular interest are skills and experience in fundraising; IT; finance and accounting; human resources or strategic planning; or are/have been a healthcare professional who works with eating disorders.
  4. What you would hope to see the Board accomplish during your tenure.

EDSNA is committed to representation and inclusion of individuals from all backgrounds.

Applicants across Alberta are welcome.

To apply, send your intro package to

*No phone calls please.